We provide professional services from estimation to completion for all your project requirements.  We have strong relationships with major construction companies throughout Australia and are known for our commitment to quality.

Our services include personalised consulting in relation to the following:

  • supply and installation of a variety of flooring products
  • subfloor preparation
  • wall protection
  • stair nosings, entrance mats and tactile indicators
  • static control flooring
  • technical compliance
  • fit for purpose advice
  • future proofing design
  • practical completion


With over twenty years in the flooring industry, and a large team of skilled installers with decades of trade experience  we can provide you the resources that will allow you to get your project over the line, on time and cost effectively.


Meet your tender deadlines with accurate estimation and job costing services from our professional team of estimators.  We include fully itemised measurements of every process for your flooring project, from start to finish.  This gives you the confidence that you are only quoting what you need, with minimal materials and you know what variations to be aware of. 

We will not cut out necessary processes to get our price down, but offer you every option available to save costs for your client.  With access to a complete range of suppliers we are able to offer alternative products for any build to save your client money.


Our project management services include a dedicated manager for all major project builds, who are available from day one.  Our project managers have years of experience and know how to get a project moving in a timely manner, and help you to sort out any onsite issues.

Major projects also come with real time reporting, using the powerful Conqa suite of construction programs.  Each site has a custom built web interface, that our project managers use to coordinate all works on site, as well as provide up to the minute reporting on job readiness, ITP’s, delay notices, defect rectification and variations. 

This allows us to provide detailed information on job progress in relation to your program and where you need to move other trades so we can continue to move forward.

Conqa also allows us to dynamically create OHS essentials such as daily prestarts, tool boxes, task checklists and ITP’s.

As each project has its own custom designed database within the Conqa application, you don’t need to be on site to see real time information, photos and other information showing how the project is progressing.



Add Floors can offer assistance with all aspects of floor preparation, to ensure your flooring is installed to Australian standards, in the correct manner.

Our grinding machinery is all company owned and subject to a strict maintenance regime to ensure consistent and safe operation.  We use high capacity HEPA filtered vacuums, as well as extraction fans to ensure minimal dust contamination when grinding floors.  With the advent of silicosis we are firmly aware of our responsibility in this area and are determined to work closely with

We take extra care in grinding to ensure removal of all latent compounds and curing agents, to prevent failure of the installed surfaces.

We provide further preparation services including topping, feather finishes, water proof membrane installation, rapid patch repair and sanding to ensure perfect flooring applications every time.

Floor installation

We have talented pool of installers with decades of experience in the flooring industry.  Providing a professional service, to your dead-line so you can hand over on time, defect free.

We provide installation services for Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Rubber, Vinyl, Linoleum, Vinyl Tiles and wood planks.

We can also provide ancillary services to install expansion joints, water proofing, silicon caulking, moisture proofing.

We also provide protection to freshly installed floors to avoid damage during the final construction phases.

Post installation services are also included with all our projects to include full certification, Operations and Maintenance manual creation, warranty certification, and after sales service, to ensure yours and your clients peace of mind.


O H & S

Add Floors takes its O H &S responsibilities very seriously.  We provide a complete days training for all our staff as part of our in house induction procedures that encompasses the safe use of our floor preparation equipment. We also provide full PPE and Hazardous materials training to ensure that all our staff are O H & S ready when they get to a job site.

Add Floors provide a complete WHSE plan for all major projects as part of the contract process, and work closely with project managers to make sure that all tasks and the risks involved have been assessed and minimised as far as possible.

Our WHSE procedures follow a clear strategy of:
Elimination - remove the risk altogether if possible
Substitution - where a risk is present we find a safer alternative if available
Isolation - our onsite works are always isolated with exclusion zones to ensure the safety of other trades
Engineering – We maintain all our equipment and processes so that the physically engineered controls are constantly monitored and kept in the best possible condition
Administration – We work closely with our clients, builder, site safety managers and site managers to ensure we are always working to improve our safety environment
PPE – We have a clear PPE policy which is a mandatory part of employment with our company



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